Here you can find some links to musicians/isntitutions/artists that are always a joy to work with. Have fun clicking yourself through!

Perfect Noise - the perfect name for this highly engaged label:

Miklos Maros, one of the most important Scandinavian composers and a dear friend:

Alfred Zimmerlin, a very subtle composer and fantastic improvisor:

Who would not like to play around with colours, sounds and numbers? Gerd Jansen, sculptor, artist and music connaisseur made it possible:

Sir Malcolm Arnold - the first step in my career. Here you get informed about an important personality:

Bernfried Pröve and edition zeitklang - a symbiotic relationship in the ever changing world of New Music:
edition zeitklang

Peter Koeszeghy is an astonishingly curious and active composer on his search on the future of contemporary music:

Muzica suprimata - a high leveled concert series in Transsyvania to promote the so called verfemte Musik: